M30 Mayhem

Infiniti M30 Mayhem!!!
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Japanese Leopard with RB powah!!! I’m partial to this car because i have an M30 and an RB20 in my s13 coupe. Best of both.


Driftin m30!

Project car Mag made an M30… rb25, lows, watanabe’s, not bad.


riding the pavement m30


Never seen one of these in real life till tonight haha. Infiniti M30/Nissan F31 Leopard. I was trippin ass a bit when I rolled up next to him. Looked like this one up here except his was all black and his driver side door was kinda smashed in LOL. BUT STILL…Such a lucky mothafuckah haha

Garrettttt doing his thing. This M has seen a KA, an RB, then JZ i think? Too hard to keep track these days.

Mines the only non-monochromatic one.